Monday, January 12, 2009

20,000 Unique Visitors

Hey there readers! I'm sure you may have noticed, or at least I hope you did cause I write these with care, but I stopped making these thank you posts when we hit 10,000 unique readers. But this is double that so I felt that this was longer overdue. On with the thanks!

First off, I'd like to mention that we've reached this 20,000 in just under a year, as the blog was started last March. To put that into perspective, VFH Classic, our old (and now lonely) home has only recent reached 8,100 hits after 5 years. Sure, it may sound kind of sad, but then again that's why this 20,000 means so much.

So who to thank? Well first off, you, the readers, because you're the ones that make that number go up. I also have to thank the staff, which includes two new writers to the VFH Staff. While you may have already read a few articles by newcomer, Wade, our other new writer, Ducca, has yet to make her debut. However, rest assured, she will give this blog a much needed boost in the comic/art department, a department I've wanted to focus more upon here. Of course I thank the other active members as well, but I just figured I'd let you know of the newcomers. And I guess it's tacky, but I have to thank myself as usual for having the stamina to keep this all going while I had other projects to work on.

Another shout out goes to our friends from our social media network; like our 241 friends on MySpace, 365 (combined) friends and subscribers on YouTube, and already 104 followers on Twitter. And I'll pitch our Facebook and Flickr accounts yet again, despite their lack of love. None the less, say what you will about social media, but I've found it has been one of the best tools in getting the View From Heaven name out there, so if you're visiting us based on one of the aforementioned sites, thank you.

I hope I didn't leave out anybody, but I just want to let all of you reading this know, we do care that you're visiting. And sure, you may not comment very often, but we know you're here. So thank you.

See you at 30,000?

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