Friday, December 12, 2008

This Week In Adult Swim update

As hinted last week, Adult Swim has changed the format of their online premieres. So instead of getting an early chance to review the week's premieres on Friday nights, the new episodes will now be added during the week after thy have premiered on television.

For example, this week's Robot Chicken and Drinky Crow premiere on Sunday; yet Robot Chicken goes online Monday while Drinky goes online Tuesday. Yet Moral Orel's series finale, which premiere's Thursday, goes online the same day. This makes writing This Week In kinda of skewed, however I will keep up with the feature.

The difference is that now the feature can show up anywhere Wednesday, Thursday or Friday of that week after the shows have aired on television. Basically the day it shows up more or less relies on the dates Adult Swim decides to put the episodes online.

I can't say I like this new system, especially since I've been watching the Friday premieres since they started in 2005; and now my Friday nights are pretty much empty. But in short, there is no This Week In tonight, but be sure to look for next week's feature, with a long, final look at Moral Orel!

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