Friday, December 5, 2008

This Week In Adult Swim - 12/5/08

The first premieres of December. As one season ends (Superjail!), another season starts (Robot Chicken), and then there's Drinky Crow...

The Drinky Crow Show - God of Monkeys. Uncle Gabby leaves Drinky alone in battle, and now feels guilty; to overcome, he orders himself a Monkey God. I'm not sure if it's the series or me, but I'm just not finding this show funny. However I will say, it's been the most aesthetically pleasing episode yet, and the cameo of series' creator Tony Millionaire was pretty amusing.
Overall Score - 7.4/10

I see what you did there, Tony.

Superjail! - Time Police, Part 2. Season Finale. It's all come to this, after The Warden has been put on trial, the Superjail staff looks for work in the real world. The episodes opens up with Jacknife as usual, but this time we get to see what happens when he's sent to a real jail, complete with an acoustic version of the opening theme. I have to say, the level of variety in this episode was really surprising, from the styles and settings, it was all very much appreciated. As for the ending, let's just say it's typical Superjail! violence, but it incorperates every episode including the pilot, and resolves in the bizarrest of ways.
Overall Score - 9/10

I have to admit, I had a laugh here.

Robot Chicken - Help Me. Season Premiere. This show's the hardest to cover because there's no story. The episode opens like previous season premiers in that in continues the Matt/Seth sketch from the previous season's finale. The highlight of that segment for me was seeing Seth MacFarlane (that smug %@#&) poking fun at himself, even if I find him annoying. After that there's a really amusing Parappa the Rapper sketch, because I guess RC ran out of game spoofs. And the rest of the show was pretty much highly amusing clips ... told you it's hard to cover
Overall Score - 8.9/10

Seriously, never thought I'd see the day.

And that does it for another week of Adult Swim premieres. Next week's line includes new Drinky Crow, new Robot Chicken ... and that's pretty much it. There's a catch though:

: after this week, I have a slight dilemma. There's a notice on stating:

"Starting next week, will be adding hundreds more episodes. And moving new episodes to every weekday (after they air on TV)."

To be honest, the sentence I slightly confusing to me. In a sense, the change could pretty much end this weekly segment. I'll have to see how things go, and you should hear back about this feature's status come next Friday. See you then, hopefully.

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