Friday, December 5, 2008

A Next Metal Gear Is...

Totally unfair! Just tell me Kojima! You've probably already heard this elsewhere, but I'm sorry, you'll have to hear it again. Kojima Productions has put up a mysterious URL, with an even more mysterious image:

Click to view the teaser page

What could this mean? Who knows. I'd like to assume this has something to do with that Metal Gear Solid Existence trademark a few months back. However the page's URL has "MGST" in it, and not "MGSE", though it may just stand for "Metal Gear Solid teaser" as that's essentially all it is at this point.

A lot of folks are speculating that this could be the 360 version of MSG4, what with the neon green, but I don't think Konami would make a fact like that so cryptic. A new MGS built for 360, however, seems more likely ... and would probably force me to get a 360. What do you think this all means?


Anonymous said...
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Reo said...

It kinda looks like a turned xbox360 power symbol on the front of the console. Granted, a lot of power buttons look like that... just my thought.