Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Poll #10 Results

Ok ... I mean it this time, THIS is the last post of 2008.

The question was "How do you buy your music?" you answered:

Both physically and digitally: 62%
CD only: 12%
Digital download only: 12%
I don't buy music: 12%
Vinyl: 0%

Well, I can't say I'm baffled. Personally I buy most of what I can on CD, but nowadays there's just some things you can't find on CD when your only source of music is the local Best Buy; and that's where iTunes comes in. But some people can't stand not having the CD or some people don't find need for a physical product so it's interesting to see that both "only" categories tied.

Then there's "I don't buy music" which was intended for those that literally don't buy music, and just use the radio... not "I don't buy music" but referring to stealing it via torrents, etc. And lastly, the vinyl option; I know some people out there are purists, and that's all they buy, so that option was for you, way to care. Would you rather I put an Eight Track option?

New year's poll is up

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