Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Viewbear wins!

It's settled folks, Viewbear defeated Hewwosaur in a whopping, 80%-20% battle! So, View From Heaven readers, say "Hewwo" er... "Hello!" to your new (and hopefully final) mascot, Viewbear!

Viewbear has now become our face on both MySpace and Facebook; so if you come across a winged-bear, bearing our logo, you know who sent him! We will plan to use Viewbear much more than we did Hewwosaur. Why? He's just more versitle. Hewwosaur, having Spore roots, became less and less attachable to other things. But with our newfound, completely original, winged hero, the possibilites are endless. And don't fret, Hewwo-fans, Viewbear is kind enough to carry around a comic book of the fallen hero.

Hewwosaur: 2008-2008
"We hardly knew ya."

Stick around, keeping checking View From Heaven. We may be offer something Viewbear downloads in the coming days or so!