Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Poll #7 Results

After the abysmal turnout for the previous poll, we decided to take a different direction in the poll. Because you, the readers, didn't tell us what content you wanted last time, we're going to try and figure out what you want. And luckily, this time, there was turnout! Anyways, let's see the results:

What is your operating system?

Windows Me or older - 0%
Windows XP - 33%
Windows Vista - 26%
Mac OS X - 40%
Mac OS 9 or older - 0%
Linux - 0%
Other - 0%

The results are about what I assumed they would be, though I didn't expect OS X to top Windows XP. At least I can see that nothing we cover has to cater to the Linux or Unix crowd, and I know that we don't have the make the site available to people with decade old operating systems. Still nice to see there's an almost even balance of Mac and PC users, however, if you combine both XP and Vista, Windows has 59% where Mac still has 40%.

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