Friday, September 19, 2008

Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories

Originally released as part of the Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+ in Japan last year, Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories will becoming to North America this December as a stand alone title. Re: Chain of Memories is a 3D remake of the Game Boy Advance exclusive Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, of which, introduced a card battle system to the series.

I really enjoyed the original on Game By Advance for the most part. It was more so the visuals, because having PS2-like cut-scenes on a GBA screen, it was just awesome. I never fully dug the card system, but I got pretty adjusted to it. I have to say, I will probably end up buying this, just to complete my Kingdom Hearts catalog ... for now. Also, the game will feature the English voice talent, which is nice because the scenes in the GBA game were silent.

Re: Chain of Memories releases Dec. 2nd, 2008; at just $29.99.

Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories - Official Site

With Persona 4 and now Re: CoM releasing this December, it looks like a good time to be an RPG playing, PS2 owner. Or, if you one of the special folks to have a PS2 compatible Playstation 3, just hope both of those titles work well on your system.

Also we have a review of the GBA original over at Classic VFH. If there's any grammar or spelling issues, forgive me, I wrote that almost 4 years ago. Just wanted to point that out to any of those unfamiliar with the title.

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