Wednesday, September 17, 2008


FEIST is a Mac exclusive indie platformer, created by by Florian Faller and Adrian Stutz. What really turned me on to the project, other than the fact that I have a Macbook Pro, was the style of this title. It's visual style looks like a cross between Patapon and LostWinds, while still retaining it's own unique design.

After playing around with the title for a bit I will say that I'm impressed. But just because I am impressed doesn't mean it's without its flaws. My one concern is that there is no objective, so your dropped right into the world with no real idea of what you should be doing. Also, the visual style, even at 1440 x 900 retains a blurred look to it, and that may bother some people. It makes sense that this in the Beta stage, because there are some things that can be fixed. One notable instance was when I was stuck between a wall and an enemy, the enemy hit me and I managed to go through the wall, and into a never-ending black abyss. But for a indie project, FEIST really does show potential. So if you're a Mac owner, do yourself a favor and try this out. And let's be honest, what other gaming could you be doing on a Mac?

You can download the FEIST Beta at; Mac OSX is required.

FEIST - Official Website

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Anonymous said...

Looks awesome. Wish I had a mac.