Friday, August 8, 2008

You, Go Buy ICO

So, I finished my play through of ICO the other day. This is now by far my favorite game. Everything about the game was amazing. The imagery astounded me for such a old game, and the art style will give the game a fighting chance in visuals for many years to come. The puzzles where clever. This was the first time ever in a game where all the puzzles truly seemed logical to me. You always had all the tools you needed to continue, you just need to figure out how and where to use them. Their was even a big emphasis on platforming that was integrated into the puzzles, which is very welcomed.

One comment I would like to put out there, ICO reminded me very much of a point and click adventure game. The focus on puzzles, the camera angles, the pacing while faster, still at times seemed to be reminiscent of P&C games of the past. It was all just very P&C reminiscent. I was never a fan of point and clicks, but the beauty of the game along with the deep story and emotional connection you form with the characters in the game really made it stand out.

I cannot recommend this game enough. Go to your local game store and buy it used, find it on ebay, amazon, whatever, its not expensive, I'm confident you could find it for under 20$. This is something you need to experience if you consider yourself a gamer. So do yourself a favor and go pick it up.

On a side note, since JDW has already reviewed this game I will not be posting a review, but he felt the same way about the game as I did, giving it a perfect 5/5. I agree with his review 100%. So go give it a look.

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