Sunday, August 3, 2008

VFH, now on Facebook

You heard it right, View From Heaven has gone social networking, and can now be found on Facebook!

There isn't much on there right now other than the usual mission statement, and links to the site, the blog, the Flickr account, and VFHvideo. But we'd really appreciate it if you readers out there with Facebook account would add yourself as Fans of the site.

Also with the launch of this, I have added a new section to the right side menu. This new section is titled VFH on the Web; so what you'll find there is VFHvideo, our Flickr and Facebook account, as well as any future internet endeavors!

P.S. Don't look for a VFH MySpace, it's not happening yet. Sorry MySpace fans!


Hampig said...

Woah, fancy big time updates. Why no myspace tho?

Wade said...

why no myspace? The more know VFH is, the better, right?