Sunday, July 6, 2008

Rooooock!!! (Band 2)

Over at Kotaku there's rumors of the Rock Band 2 track list. While theirs not much in the way confirmation, it is mentioned that an IGN interview revealed that all the original Rock Band songs will be available for download on the sequel. This seems like a risky move to me. Why buy one if you can get everything with two? This might make fans a little upset, like they bought the first Rock Band for nothing. Personally the promise of so many songs is enough to warrant my forgiveness.

It's still left to be seen how Rock Band will fare with Guitar Heroes' adoption of the full band playing style. Will the enormous library of songs make up for the lack of a song creation feature? My bet is on no, sadly. As much as I love Rock Band and Harmonix, I don't think their talent is enough to compete with the brand recognition of guitar hero along with the create a song mode. Still, my plan is to get the Guitar Hero game with instruments, and the Rock Band game disk. It just seems like the way to go, and I've always liked Guitar Heroes guitars feel better anyways. I just hope that Rock Bands' sales are still decent, Harmonix deserves it.

Information via Kotaku

Images from the original Rock Band, from IGN


ZPotts said...

I don't think the create your own song feature will have too much of an effect on Rock Band sales.

That feature, I would think, would really only appeal to real bands, and others of the gaming community who would like to re make some classic vg music, but really, I don't think it'll have too much lasting power. It may sway some's decisions, but there will still be space for two in the music genre.

Hampig said...

Think so? Because I am pretty excited about the make your own song feature, but if fall into one of the two categories you mentioned, so I'm biased. I hope you're right tho, because the guys at Harmonix have a passion for what they're doing, and activision is just getting paid. : |