Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New P4 Tidbits

Fresh from the NeoGAF forums user "duckroll" posted a P4 thread which will clear up most questions about the fourth entry in the series. First of all, apparently instead of entering the school to battle the shadows you enter your TV. That explains the whole TV theme...

"Another world within the television which consists of many different dungeons, the floors are randomly generated and the enemies are visible on the field so you can choose to avoid them if you want or head in and attack them to start a battle. it's in this tower place where you train your characters and gain new Personae to use in the Velvet Room. you can also split up your party so they can explore the whole floor faster."

Hmmm, all the details sound basically the same as P3, with a few tweaks, as I expected. Anyways, if you wanna check out the full post and get a further idea of the new features be my guest.

Btw, famitsu review: 8/8/8/9 (33/40)

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