Thursday, June 5, 2008


I found this blog via; blooger, Joe, is conducting a project, to create one papercraft a day based upon a simple form he created. He is currently at Day 17 and all of the models are actual;ly looking quite nice despite the simplistic style. The models range from anime characters, to classic cartoon stars, game characters, comic characters, and movie characters; at least so far.

(click to visit the Toy-A-Day blog)

While there please be sure to add a comment or two to his posts, and even make requests as stated on the main page. I requested quite a few myself, but who knows, i'll let the artist decide what he wants for his own project. I just hope he can pull it off in the next 348 days!


JoE said...


Thanks for the post! I will definitely try my very best to see the project through!


JDW said...

hey, thank you very much for replying JoE, to be honest your the first "outsider" to post a comment here, i'm very thankful.

joli said...

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