Friday, June 6, 2008

New MGS4 Flash game

New at the Metal Gear Solid 4 official website isa new Flash game, Special Mission: 02. This game gives you the control of Snake, using the mouse to shoot out PMCs and using the down arrow to cover. It's a simple game but should be a good time waster in the days leading into Metal Gear Solid 4's launch.

Metal Gear Solid 4 Official Website

Also added to the site are new downloads including a couple new songs, a new Raiden PSP wallpaper, as well as a very interesting wallpaper called SWF Wallpaper 'Raiden + Vanp', and it has a "Special item" title above it. I have no idea what it means, all i know is that its 30,000 Drebin points......

UPDATE: I cleared my account in order to replay everything and i raked up 31,100 DP. And it turns out it was a HUGE waste of my time. What you get is a Shockwave/Flash enabled desktop that makes your icons look ugly and it does absolutely nothing.. luckily i save my desktop screenshots because first i had to uninstall the desktop, yeah wtf. And also, its all in Japanese, so when you start up all you're seeing is ##$^$%^&!!%*($@ which isn't exactly helpful... So all in all.. don't waste your time trying to get it, it's a huge waste.

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