Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Retro Remakes

Hey... Hey you. Remember many years ago when you would just sit around and waste the day away on your C64, or your powerhouse of a computer, with 16mb of ram? Oh yeah, you do. Well here's your chance to relieve some of those memories with new fancy graphics! Retro Remakes is a site dedicated to hosting a impressive growing list of classic game remakes.

The site seems to be focused more on arcade/PC as far as I can tell, so that means probably not too many console games, if any at all, but still, its a nice distraction and even though I don't recognize most of these, I'm sure anyone who spent their days on the computer playing games in the 90's will find a few familiar names here. Either way, free games! I must warn you though, all of the games I have tried do require a download, so if you're not keen on downloading files from little known websites you have been warned.

Retro Remakes Showcase

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Wade said...

Got my attention at 1st, but kinda disappointing. I see a few good ones in here (Galaga, Sonic, Mario Bros, etc.) but not enough to keep me interested. Hopefully they come out with some more mainstream classics eventually, like Zelda or Metroid for a start.