Thursday, June 26, 2008

Far Cry 2

This is a video presentation for Far Cry 2, which I have to say looks pretty impressive. Reminiscent of Crysis. While the announcer did get on my nerves a little it's still very much worth the watch. The destructible environment mixed with the open world that itself is in a new setting for the genre would be enough to merit a buy from me, missions are bound to take a backseat to exploration for me, as it does in the Elder Scrolls games. Although I wish buildings could be completely destroyed the precision of destruction you can wreak on trees keeps me in a happy place.

Far Cry 2 will hit PCs, 360s, and PS3s everywhere October 2nd. We'll keep you updated as it approaches!

Via Kotaku

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Wade said...

Must say, looks pretty sweet. Love it how fire spreads in dry grass, and no loading times is nice too.