Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Chrono Sequel

Lately I have been going through my old games, trying to beat a lot of the big ones I just never got around to finishing. Among titles like Okami, Final Fantasy 8, Twilight Princess, and Dragon quest 8, are the two Chrono games, Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger. While I haven't beaten either of them, I've played Chrono Cross enough as to where I can say that Chrono Cross is one of my top 5 favorite games of all time, easily. I have not made it more than two hours into Chrono trigger yet, so I cannot say the same for it, but it too is shaping up to be quite an amazing experience.

Now this brings me to the point of this post. Why have we not seen a next-gen sequel to these games? I know Square loves money, and the gamers love the series (Chrono Cross: 9.7 at IGN, Editors choice award. Chrono Trigger: Given countless high scores, also included in both IGNs' top 10 Snes games and top 100 games of all time. Places # 2 and 18 respectively.) If anything these games are legendary. Amazing atmosphere, one of the best soundtracks I have ever heard in a game, hands down, and interesting storys to boot.
If you haven't played these games, I strongly suggest you do. I have played hundreds, maybe even thousands of games in my lifetime, and very few stand out as much as Chrono Cross does. If you have played these games though, I know you are agreeing with me right now, so lets make our voices heard. Start a petition, tell your friends, post on your blog, email square. They need to know their is demand. We dont want a 6th installment in the Final Fantasy XIII miniseries, or whatever the hell they want to call it, we want a third Chrono game. So get to it! Support the cause, fight the good fight, let your voice be heard. Every person counts.

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Wade said...

A 3rd Chrono game? Sounds like a party to me! Brings back good memories, always going around looking for the best people to be in your party. Not like Final Fantasy games where they give you 4 people to play as and say "go". Actually going around and finding random people in the world to join your party. Not to mention how kick ass they could make a Chrono game on one of the Next-Gen systems. I'm with you in this fight. Lets do whatever it takes to get a new Chrono game! It shouldn't be that hard anyway right...right?

Hampig said...

Yeah, it was pretty neat how you could go around and recruit people. Alto you couldn't do that in the first one. I wonder what big changes they would make...