Saturday, May 31, 2008

Street Fighter IV website launches

Just saw the commercial on CBS, as reported earlier. And with in the commercial it says to go to , once there you will be greeted by an extended version of the commercial, with a nostalgic choice of music (Faith No More's Epic) for 90's alternative fans, which is fitting for Street Fighter's height of popularity was the 90's. While there you can also view a highly styled video of Chun Li vs newcomer Crimson Viper; as well as the original trailer of Ryu vs. Ken. There's also artwork scan, a blog for the new Chun Li movie and more! There's a "hidden" feature to the site too, hidden because it' s the only thing at the bottom of the page; what it is is a fight generator, pick to fighters, and watch them fight. Check it out!

Also, more importantly, the site links to pre-order the game, which redirects to GameStop's website. As you can see, the game has tentative release date of ... February 12, 2009. Maybe it's to avoid any big fall titles... are there even any big fall titles?

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