Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Street Fighter IV roster leaked?

You heard right, via Kotaku i found this link to what seems to be a mobile site or something mobile relating to Street Fighter IV. Scroll down the site a bit and you'll find this:

(click to view the SFIV Mobile site)

Starting the in fourth row from the bottom we see Abel and Crimson Viper, the first two new comers revealed, but go a row lower, and there's that fat guy that was shown a month or so ago, El Fuerte... and then it gets weird. We;ve got some wimpy bitch in a rice-hat, a guy in a suit, some woman, an older black man, some dude with a pony tail, and some other guy with glasses. Whatever these are I sure hope they're not characters; and if they are? Well, i'm sorry but Capcom needs to find better character designers, cause thats just sad. You'd hope that maybe, just maybe, it wasn't just a 3D Street Fighter II with a bunch of reject, we have Street Fighter EX for that. Maybe some of the newcomers from Street Fighter III or even Alpha would've been nice to include? Oh, here's a good thought, how's about never going 3D because of EX... oh wait, too late for that.

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Hampig said...

Hey, I can't edit your crap, so just to let you know, those are site avatars and not all confirmed characters. They're prolly just the starting roster or something.