Tuesday, May 20, 2008

MGS Mobile coming to... N-Gage

Yeah, you heard that, you'd the headline to what will quite possibly be the only N-Gage update here at VFH. Once a Verizon exclusive, and launched here just 2 months back, MGS Mobile takes place in between MGS and MGS2: Sons of Liberty. I have it myself, and its a fairly good game for a cellphone title. As too how much attention it'll actually get on the newly relaunched N-Gage platform is anyone's guess, but... yeah 've got nothing else for ya.

Here's part of the Press Release:

"METAL GEAR SOLID MOBILE marks first title for release this summer

KONAMI will begin provisioning of "METAL GEAR SOLID MOBILE" for NOKIA's mobile game service, "N-Gage"(*1) scheduled to start in late June, 2008. "METAL GEAR SOLID MOBILE" is original content created exclusively for the mobile platform and based on the "METAL GEAR" series(*2).

3D graphics and camera work were used to reproduce the "Infiltrate without being seen by the enemy" tension that is characteristic of the "METAL GEAR" series. "METAL GEAR SOLID MOBILE" utilizes the handset's camera to incorporate gameplay that can only be experienced on the mobile platform. The camera function is used to change the color of the character's suit as well as provide an optional control for a portion of the game. The N-Gage release of the game supports five languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish and German. "

via Games Press

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