Wednesday, May 21, 2008

MGS: Digital Graphic Novel on ... DVD?

Here's a weird one. That 2nd Metal Gear Solid Digital Graphic Novel, will in my opinion, sadly, not be coming to PSP it seems. It will be coming on DVD, the same day that MGS4 launches, but in Japan only. It will contain both the first DGN and the new one, based on MGS2: Sons of Liberty, both with full voice over. And according to the comic's artist, Ashley Wood, it will run a total of 5 hours! It does seem cool, but without a PSP release, it just looks less likey to arrive here, and that's a shame.

Note: Wood does say that it will arrive later in other regions, but if they plan on bringing in the English cast, from both games, expect it to take some time. And no, voice clips from the original games couldn't be used because lines were rewritten and the stories are at times, are told from different view points.

Original post by Ashley Wood

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