Thursday, May 15, 2008

Limited Edition MGS4 PS3 up for pre-order!

That Super Limited Edition MGS4 Steel PS3 was planned for release in America, and now, the only way to get the bundle has it for preorder. Preordering apperently won't begin until May 19th, that's Tuesday.

(click to view's shop)

Here's the catch though. Its $599.99, you get 40GB PS3, in steel. With a DualShock, and the Limited Edition version of MGS4 (Game, bonus DVDs, soundtrack, and artbook). But for one hundred dollars less, you can pick up the standard MGS4 PS3 bundle that has a 80GB PS3, Back-compatibility, a DualShock 3, and the standard edition of MGS4... all at $499.99

So you pay an extra $100 for steel and a Limited Edition game.. but you have half the disc space and no back-compatibility.

Let's just say i was interested in the Steel bundle... but not anymore...

On a side note, if you bought the standard MGS4 PS3 bundle, and got an extra Limited Edition MGS4 game at Gamestop (the only place to get it)... you'd have an 80GB PS3 and 2 different copies of MGS4 and it'd still be cheaper than the Limited Edition Steel Bundle. It'd be about $584.99 ......

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