Thursday, May 15, 2008

Blockbuster stepping up its games game

So, I went to Blockbuster today in hopes of renting a Wii game, either Okami or Boom Blox, ended up getting Okami, but the surprise was all the other stuff Blockbuster had to offer.

I heard that they were starting to rent out DS games at all their stores and they were going to start taking pre-orders on games and selling others, which is a bit surprising to me and I don't really think they will be successful, but anyhoo...The point is is that I walked in the store today and saw a nice selection of DS titles, from Mario Kart to The World Ends With You, and I was kind of shocked at the nice new title that is the latter, which I will rent in the future.

Also, they had signs saying that they had Wii's for sale, which was very interesting, and they had a table set up with a bunch of Rock Band boxes for sale and lots of Guitar Hero also for sale. They also had a box with the DS games that stated that you could pre-order Guitar Hero DS. I just found it a bit interesting to see that Blockbuster is taking up gaming on a serious level. I mean, I can't blame them I suppose, as gaming is a HUGE industry with billions of dollars involved, and they obviously want a piece of the pie. However, for myself, I just don't trust buying any games from a place like that....I would buy a used game for like $5, but a new game? I would prefer a better place like Gamestop, Best Buy, etc. But that's just me.

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