Friday, March 25, 2011

This Week in Fringe - 3/25/11

This week's episode takes place in the alternate universe, where we're reminded that Fauxlivia is pregnant with Peter's child. The episode focuses entirely on that fact, with no case-of-the-week. But, Fauxlivia is in danger...

Episode 18 - "Bloodline"

Zach says: From pretty much the start of the episode, we see Olivia get abducted, and soon learn it's because of her baby. But who would do such a thing, and for what purpose? Well, we don't know the exact purpose yet, but we do learn who and what the result is.

Later in the episode, we see a variety of characters, like the return of Henry, the taxi driver, who for some reason will continue to play an important role of some sort. It seems like the Fringe division, now led by Lincoln, are starting to be skeptical of Walternate and his deceit. We also see Walternate put up a seemingly fragile, emotional front, but then see some insidiousness. And another character we see is the main Observer, who proclaimed, "It is happening."

Things definitely have been set into motion. What it all means and how it will play out are to be determined.
Zach's Score: 7.5/10

JDW says: Yeah, i definitely have no idea where this series is going with this whole baby deal and Peter having to choose an Olivia. But it's episode was certainly interesting, it just wasn't keeping my attention as much as the show has been lately.

But hey, at least we got news that the show has been renewed for a fourth season. So, if the rest of the season starts to go downhill, it won't feel as sour as when we thought it was going to be cancelled. But I'd rather not have it suck in general.
JDW's Score: 7/10

Overall Score: 7.3/10

Also, warning! Seems like the show is going on YET ANOTHER hiatus, and won't return for another three weeks (back on April 15th). Which is just stupid, every show just had a two week break. So, yeah, see you in 3 weeks, hopefully we have some 3DS content to hold you over...

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Anonymous said...

So the Olvia who had the baby is from the mirror universe or is she? Did she have her memory erased by Walternate? I'm so confused but still enjoying this series !

ZPotts said...

Hello there, anonymous commenter!!! Welcome.

To answer your question, it is the mirror universe's Olivia who is pregnant. The "real" Olivia is not and both are back in their original places.

The real Olivia did have some memories implanted to make her believe she was the mirror Olivia, however, that has worn off and now she knows who she is.