Thursday, March 24, 2011

3DS Indecision ....hmmmm

Should I get a Nintendo 3DS? Fuck yeah, shoooooot. But what games?!?! This question is killing me, and the launch of the 3DS is like, 2 days away. I still don't know what I'm gonna do...

The first question, whether or not I should get a 3DS in the first place was pretty much a no-brainer. I love the DS, and the 3DS will have many amazing future games, be they Ninty titles or others, like Metal Gear Solid. I want it. However, my only original concern was whether or not I could actually see the 3D. Apparently, I have astigmatism, which I guess is why 3D movies never wowed me. I could make out the picture ok, but it was always a bit blurry. I thought it was the technology, but apparently, my eyes are simply retarded :(. So, here comes the 3DS, the main attraction being the 3D. Would it be worth getting the system if I couldn't even see the 3D? After a few hours of pondering, I figured I couldn't miss out on the games, even if I couldn't see the 3D, but the question still lingered.

Luckily, I got a chance to actually play with a 3DS a couple days ago at Best Buy. There are demo units set up in many of their stores, so if you're curious, I'd recommend heading to one. Nways, I played with the 3D slider a bit, getting kind of scared, because again, it was blurry. Luckily though, on the lowest possible setting, I could see the 3D and the image wasn't blurred at all! An amazing feeling. So, if you're like me and have eye problems, there is still hope. What I want to do next is try playing with my glasses on, totally defeating the purpose of glasses-less 3D, but hey, we'll see. I'm not too hopeful, as I can't use them to look at things close up and I very rarely wear them anyways, but I'm curious to see what effect it might have.

Anyways, after getting over that fear for the most part, and having pre-ordered my Cosmic Black 3DS long ago, I must now decide on which games to purchase, and I'll tell ya, I'm struggling. I went in with the idea months ago on which games I would probably get; PilotWings and Nintendogs. Now though, I just don't know. I've been reading reviews and flip-flopping all over the place, considering games I wasn't before, and thinking I shouldn't get some I wanted initially. It's all very confusing.

Being a pretty heavy gamer that I am, and Nintendo lover, I want all of them. Well, not ALL of them, but a decent number. And luckily, I have a job and plenty of money, so if I really wanted to, I could afford however many games I want, but I'd feel bad about it, especially these days. I buy games all the time, and then rarely play them. I have a problem with that, especially games on sale. If I see a $20 game that was $60, I'm buying it, even if I never play it. I have a handful of games I've actually never played, and quite a few more that I've only put a couple hours into.

But these 3DS games....$40 each. Kind of steep, so I know I'd hate myself if I got one and only played an hour or two of it, worse yet, if there's only a couple hours of gameplay in it to begin with. And what if those prices drop next month? I'll feel even stupider...but, at least with Nintendo titles, they NEVER go down, so I don't have to worry there.

Anyways, I've pretty much narrowed my choices to the following: Nintendogs, Pilot Wings, Super Monkey Ball, Ridge Racer, and Ghost Recon. Street Fighter looks really good, but I never really get into fighting games, so I know if I got that I'd regret it, even though it looks amazing, I'd probably never play it. I love getting Nintendo games, even if only to get those darned Club Nintendo coins I NEED so much, but Steel Diver looks stupid and short. I wasn't really interested in Ghost Recon at first, but then saw it was similar to Advance Wars, and I love those games. I watched a video though, and it looked pretty bland, so I'm on the fence and will have to wait for reviews I think, which will hopefully come before its launch.

So, that leaves four titles, although after reading one comment, I started to teeter on Monkey Ball, but I think I'll hold true to my decision to get it. And if you didn't know, Toys R Us is having a sale, perhaps all week, but definitely on launch, for a Buy One, Get One 50% Off on ALL 3DS titles. I can't pass up a deal like that, and nor should you guys, so head over there. So, I COULD get those four games. Or I could somehow narrow my choice down to two games...getting an odd number doesn't make any sense, because of the deal; damn sales trickery *shakes fist*. I don't really need Nintendogs, seeing as how I got it for free on the DS, THANK YOU NINTENDO!!! Good times. And Pilot Wings, looks cool, but I don't know how long it will last and how repetitive it will get...So there go the Nintendo games, but damn it, I need those points!

So, I'm not sure. There are definitely some titles I'm in no way interested in, but I'm not sure about the others. I don't want buyers remorse, because that's the worst, and I don't want to buy too many games that I get distracted with one and don't play the others. But, I can't wait and buy them later, because I'm lazy. I just don't know. I'll head over to Toys R Us after I pick up the 3DS from Best Buy, see what they have, and slap my debit card down and be done with it.

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