Monday, October 4, 2010

Welcome to The Jungle

Panasonic has just released information on a new handheld they plan to release in the near future, The Jungle. Hopefully, it will do better than the last video game device they released; the 3DO.

The handheld is geared for MMORPG players and will feature a full qwerty keyboard, d-pads, shoulder buttons, touch screen and much, much more. The screen is rumored to be very high-quality, displaying HD-like graphics, and ... run on Linux OS. And, as it's touted as bringing players online games, it will assuredly have wifi if not more, say 3G, though I can imagine that running MMOs very poorly. I assume this will end up being a pricey little device, but only time will tell.

I can't really see it competing directly with the DS, PSP, or iPhone/iPod touch, but rather, cater to a completely new market of PC gamers who want a similar experience, you know, outside of their mom's basement. Just kidding, but seriously...

No news yet on release or price, but I'm sure more information will come soon. Hopefully the official site will be updated with some of the more important news soon, such as price, release date, and launch titles. But, with the popularity of current portables and the upcoming 3DS, who's to say Panasonic's return to gaming won't go the way of N-Gage, Tapwave Zodiac, and Gizmondo?

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