Thursday, September 2, 2010

This Week in Futurama - 9/2/10

I may have just posted last week's review yesterday, but the season finale of Futurama's first regular season back since its cancellation is here, and it's time to write this review on time.

Episode 12 - "The Mutants Are Revolting"

Not only was this the first season finale for Futurama since their cancellation, but it's also the series 100th episode! And because of this, the crew must make their 100th delivery, which isn't as impressive... Anyways, the person they deliver to invites the crew to a fancy dinner to honor her late husband, and Fry accidentally outs that Leela is a mutant and gets her deported to the sewers... and eventually the crew gets tossed down there as well for knowingly housing a mutant.

Where as last week's episode was heavy on the jokes and gags and less on the story, this episode is almost the opposite, with most of the episode focusing on the Fry and Leela story (with some self-aware nods to how obnoxious mentioning the relationship has been) and less so on gag after gag. That's not to say this is a humorless episode, as there is still plenty of laughs, but they're less a abundant that last week, but in the end it works for the better. Sure the 100th episode could've been better, but this still wasn't that bad.

Overall Score: 8/10

I may or may not do a season recap next week. For shows like Lost, Fringe and Doctor Who, which have season long story arcs with cliffhangers and such, it makes sense to recall everything that's happened to get an idea of where the series goes from there. But with Futurama, it's a comedy, and for the most part, each episode is completely separated from the rest, therefoe there really isn't that much to piece together and think about. So if there's no new TWi Futurama post next week, check back in November, when the holiday themed episode airs!

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