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This Week in FlashForward - 4/29/10

This week's episode gets back to just about everyone's story, minus those nurses.

Episode 18 - "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"

Zach says: The main topic of focus, it would seem, is that of Janis, her baby, and if and how she became a mole. We see some flash backs, from two years previous, of when she became an agent and how her lesbionic tendencies made her vulnerable to succumbing to outside influences, i.e. moleing. She has indeed been giving information to some crazy red-head who owns a pet store, namely fish, herein referred to as "the fish lady". She didn't appear to feel much remorse for selling her country out, until the black out hit, but, it would seem, as it always does, that she can't just get out of this ploy and stop sharing information, as she would wind up dead. So, she must continue ratting everyone out.

She does continue to do this, as we see in the present, when Fish Lady tells her to get back the blueprints that were found off Frost's body. This blue prints apparently detail how to build some calculator, which calculates dates, the first of which was the day of the black out. She kinda fails, but tries real good, and Mark seems to be on to her, although she talked her way out of any immediate trouble. However, at the end of the episode, we see that Vogel, that CIA dude, approached as well two years ago, and told her that she was basically under investigation, and SHOULD become a double agent. So, everything she has been doing could have a reasonable explanation and she could still be on the good side.

I reckon Janis' true allegiances will be tested, when Fish Lady gave her an order to get the ring back and kill Mark. Dun dun dunnnnnnnnn. I'm sure this will tie in with why Vogel was talking to someone, saying "Mark Benford is dead," so we'll see. Aside from Janis' exploits, we also see that Aaron has safely arrived in Afghanistan, was attacked, but found the doctor from his vision, who will hopefully lead him to his daughter.

We don't see too much from Mark, but he figures out what Frost was saying, with "In the end, you'll be saved by the lady you see everyday." This could have multiple meanings, but in this instance, it meant that special ring, which was inside the white queen the FBI picked off of that exploded doll shop way back when. Ok.

And apparently, Dyson Frost has been everywhere and done everything. Those photos he had had some soil residue, from soil only found in Afghanistan, and he was a doctor at Raven River, some mental hospital where they did those flashforward experiments on patients. One of those patients, who we saw last episode, Gabriel McDowell, broke into Olivia's house, told her some crap, freaking her out. This led to her, for some reason, going with and FBI agent to the facility, where Gabriel shows up again. Apparently, Gabriel has seen all of these visions, and has followed Olivia for a very, very long time, and he says that marrying Mark was a mistake, and that she was supposed to be with Lloyd.

Anyways, Olivia is apparently very important and will help to solve the super puzzle that lays ahead. The whole Mark/Lloyd thing is a bit strange, and I guess could be important somehow, but I don't see how this romance thing is truly relevant. And that Gabriel guy? What a creeper. Dyson Frost, although dead, is still playing quite the role, so I'm sure we'll see all sorts of crazy stuff he was up to in the past, in the future.
Zach's Score: 7.5/10

JDW says: I'm late again, due to my computer issues, but not as late as last week! Anyways, this episode, as usual, was really a mess to me. At first you think it's actually going to focus on Janis, but then there's a pointless story of Aaron in Afghanistan, and then there's the Fringe-esque story with Olivia (no, not the Dunham one, it's not THAT Fringe-esque) whose stalker seems to have seen her in both the past and future thanks to Frost's lab testings.

The lab aspect is interesting, but the stalker character just seems way to off the wall for a show that already has terrible structure issues... at least this show's almost over.
JDW's Score: 6.5/10

Overall Score: 7/10

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