Saturday, May 22, 2010

This Week in Doctor Who - 5/22/10

And thus, after a really awesome Steven Moffat two-parter, we're back to seeing how other people do it when getting the chance to write for the new Doctor and his companion(s).

Episode 6 - "Vampires in Venice"

This episode is definitely a bit more... uh, light-hearted when compared all those Weeping Angels from the last two Moffat-written episodes. It opens with a scene in Venice, where a man gives up his daughter to what seems like a prestigious all-girls school house, but it soon turns for the worst... vampires! (And not the glittery Twilight kind, though, that would be much worse for Doctor Who and we all know it) But, the dark tone is quickly shifted when The Doctor hilariously interrupts Rory's stag party to inform him of his unrequited kiss from Amy in what was probably the most awkward moment in Doctor Who ever, but it was hilariously great.

Suddenly, and I really mean it, there's zero transition here, Amy and now Rory have traveled to Venice, courtesy of the Doctor in order to get their relationship with each other improved, although Rory still doesn't fully trust him. But, of course, they run into these mysterious vampires who don't turn out to be exactly as they may seem.

For something involving "vampires" I actually enjoyed this episode a lot. And I really can't stand all that Buffy, True Blood, and Twilight crap. That's probably because most of the episode isn't about the vampires, it's about the triangle relationship between The Doctor, Amy and Rory. More so the Doctor and Rory, which is something we only got to see slightly in "The Eleventh Hour," so it's good to see how the Doctor interacts with a male companion for once. Not to mention the scene with the Doctor reaching for the psychic paper, but accidentally pulling out his library card with the First Doctor's photo was pretty much pure awesome fan service.

All in all, this was definitely an enjoyable episode. But does it top "The Eleventh Hour" or the recent two-part Weeping Angel episodes, no, not at all. Still, it's better than "Victory of the Daleks" and I'd rather see more fun episodes like this.

Overall Score: 8/10

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