Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Steam for Mac is here! FREE Portal as well!

Hey Mac gamers! Yes, all six of you! Steam is here! And if you act before May 24th, you can even get a copy of Valve's rad game, Portal, for free! Not a Mac gamer? And for some sick reason you still don't have Portal? Guess what? Portal is FREE for PC gamers as well!

Steam for Mac and FREE Portal Download

I already have Portal on my PS3 (a system Valve should've supported first, before Macs, in my opinion), but who can argue with a free game? And a really good one at that. But, hey, maybe having Steam for Mac, and over 63 games available to play at launch, will finally lure Mac users to the gaming realm and legitimize Macs as a gaming platform. Probably not, but at least someone's trying.

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