Thursday, April 8, 2010

This Week in Fringe - 4/8/10

After last week's VFH Seal of Approval winning episode, can Fringe continue this good streak? We'll see... Spoilers below:

Episode 16 -"Olivia. In the Lab. With the Revolver"

This week's episode opens with a woman (Inglourious Basterds' Diane Kruger), presumably a lawyer, meeting with a sickly looking client. But soon afterwards she finds herself boiling alive with cancerous tumors, and dies; and yes, seeing Diane Kruger all gross like that was totally unfair. But, while she was fumbling through names she said "Gorlami," which made me laugh out loud because of the name's context in Basterds, and I feel that name choice was not by chance.

Anyways, it turns out, that during the investigation, Olivia seems to recognize the names of all the victims... they're students from the same facility in Jacksonville where Walter and William Bell tested on her. But, more importantly, this isn't just another "case of the week" episode, no, in fact, it actually follows up from last week's episode. Olivia struggles to hide the truth from Peter regarding his real origin, and even confronts Nina Sharp regarding the situation.

Overall the episode was good. The case was more or less interesting, it was nice to have a guest star for once, albeit briefly. I've come to terms that Fringe probably will never be as great as it was last week, but for an average Fringe episode, this was pretty good.

Overall Score: 8.8/10

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