Thursday, April 8, 2010

This Week in FlashForward - 4/8/10

This week deals with finding the mole in the FBI office, which turns out successful! Or does it? Dun dun dunnnnn!!!!!!!

Episode 15 - "Queen Sacrifice"

Zach says: Anyways, not a whole lot really happens this episode now that I think about it. Bryce and what's her name go out and kiss, who didn't see that coming, but she seemed a bit turned off. What does this mean for Keiko (he girl from Bryce's vision)? Well, she's all well and fine in America, and gets a job working hydrolics for cars, until the government shuts'em down for employing illegals. Yeah, I don't know...How exactly is this relevant?

As far as the investigation goes, Dyson Frost, aka D. Gibbons, has had hundreds of flash forwards and has seen all kinds of futures. He has even left clues for Mark in the past, which he somehow finds....ok. They finally find the mole, who shoots a bunch of people dead, but ultimately captured. But is there another mole?!?!?!! Zomga, we'll see. Overall, the episode was about on par with the rest of the season, but nothing special. I'm interested to see how Frost and Mark's meeting goes and what that will bring about.
Zach's Score: 6.5/10

JDW says: I honestly have nothing to say here. The show continues to disappoint because of its lack of focus and quite frankly I'm just getting tired of it. The finding of the mole in the FBI office was interesting, but it's resolved way to fast. But, hey, at least Seth Macfarlane got shot! You may remember him randomly appearing in the first episode of the show, and for whatever reason he returned, I just hope he's dead for good.

And seriously, the Keiko story, had no reason to even be included here. It was completely irrelevant not only to the episode, but Bryce and his entire story seems to be completely useless to this series. Can't say I think next week will be any better, but, we'll see.
JDW's Score: 6.5/10

Overall Score: 6.5/10

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David Vox Mullen said...

This episode was FLASHTASTIC! This show gets better and better as each episode cotinues!