Monday, March 22, 2010

Greatest Boxart Ever?

This would have been posted this afternoon, had I not run into the Great VFH Destruction of 3/22/10 while looking for boxart... Anyways, I was browsing Nintendo's press site this afternoon, taking a look at this week's digital releases when I saw that Treasure's Sin & Punishment 2 (now called Sin & Punishment: Star Successor, ew...) was finally on the upcoming releases list. So I clicked, and what did I find? This beauty:

I might not be a fan of the name change, but hot damn, Nintendo at least got the boxart right. I honestly can't think of any games in recent memory that went the route of not slapping the lead character(s) in the center of the package, or using a color pallet of about four colors. This just goes completely against the norm and it's absolutely stunning.

Just to compare, here's a collection of boxart for top-notch games, with not so exciting boxart:

Just look at these for instance, all reasonably high-profile games, and yet all their boxart is either made up a limited color selection, or the main character is HUGE and generally in the center. And then Sin & Punishment: Star Successor shows up, comepletely breaking the formula, and it's gorgeous. As I lover of the first game (thank you Virtual Console) I look forward to the sequel when it releases this June.

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