Thursday, January 28, 2010

This Week in Fringe - 1/28/10

Yeah! That's two week's in a row that this is on time! We'll see how likely that is again after next week's relaunch of This Week in Lost. For now let's focus on this other J.J. Abrams show...

Episode 13 - "The Bishop Revival"

This week's episode Fringe is a peculiar one; no, and not because it actually progress's the series main story, because it doesn't. I'm afraid this is another one-off case, though it has a much closer connection to our main characters than any of the usual "case/creature of the week" episodes.

"The Bishop Revival" opens at a Jewish wedding, but on this happy occasion, the groom's grandmother becomes suspicious of a man waiting by the door, and soon find herself and her family suffocating on what seems to be nothing. Upon inspection of the bodies, the Fringe Division finds out the woman was a survivor of the Holocaust, and it seems that Walter's family history may have a connection to the event and events to come.

The episode is definitely an interesting one, especially considering that it kind of develops the characters despite not going further into the series' main story. Then again, it's also kind of ridiculous to create a story about a non-aging Nazi who creates a gas that targets everyone but the "Master Race". Sure, there's motivation, but really? Fringe was that last thing that needed a crazy Nazi story; keep that to absurd video games and amusing Star Trek episodes, please. At least this was better than the last few episodes, even if it was kind of ridiculous.

Overall Score: 8/10

Missed the episode? Watch it on Hulu

Fox advertised next week's episode as the "Winter Finale," so my guess is that last week will be the last This Week in Fringe for a couple months. We'll see...

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