Friday, January 1, 2010

Soundgarden reunited?!

I just may have made the first crap in my pants of 2010... Because if this link I got via Pearl Jam's official Facebook page is anything to believe, Soundgarden in back!!!

The website in question is this new, which states 'The 12 Year Break is Over and School is Back in Session. Knights of the Soundtable ride again!'. It then plays a video of "Get On The Snake," from the band's second album, Louder Than Love, originally released back in 1989.

What's this mean? I don't know, but the 12 year break clearly would suggest the twelve years since the band broke up in 1997 and went their separate ways. With lead singer Chris Cornell going solo, forming Audioslave with ex-Rage Against the Machine members, and then breaking that band up and going solo again with two abysmal records. While the band's drummer, Matt Cameron, found great success when he became drummer for fellow grunge band, Pearl Jam, and has been with them ever since. Ben Shepherd (bass) and Kim Thayil (guitar) also have had their musical endevours since the band's break-up, but I can't say I've heard any of it.

Regardless, as a big fan of grunge growing up, having liked Soundgarden the most, I'm really excited by this news. And it only makes sense, with fellow grunge bands like Pearl Jam, who haven't actually stopped recording and playing shows since their heyday, and Alice In Chains, who recently released their first album in 14 years, both finding new success.

At the same time I'm also nervous, as the Soundgarden records that were, and have been as is for the last 12+ years have been great when untouched. Reuniting may ruin that, especially since Chris Cornell's voice, and personality, aren't exactly what they used to be back in the grungy 90's. Then again, Alice In Chains got a completely new singer in the band, and they still sound just like they used to. As of writing this, I can't say if the reunion will just be some live shows and that's it (a la Rage Against the Machine and Blur), or if the reunion will also include a new album. When I find out, I'll make sure you do as well!

Update: Figured out a way to show you the new website's four new background images:

Interestingly enough, the photos, and the music video on the site are from early Soundgarden days, and not their more fruitful Badmotorfinger/Superunknown days. I mean, clearly when they reunite they'll have to play stuff from that era and later, but I just thought it was interesting that they chose to focus on the band's older imagery.

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