Sunday, November 29, 2009

No Distance Left To Run

Here's some awesome news, announced via trailer on their newly updated website, it seems that Blur will be releasing a documentary film about their reunion from this past summer, titled No Distance Left To Run, after their song of the same name. The trailer says "In Cinemas January 2010," assuming that means in UK theaters, but perhaps other international theaters will get screenings as well... I hope.

To say the least, I'm pretty excited, but I'm just really hoping that there will be a way I can see this in America. The last documentary Damon Albarn did was Bananaz, which nicely documented the Gorillaz first two albums. I'm thinking this is a completely unrelated project, but it'd be really fantastic if this got the same online distribution that that film had. Because right now I'm kind of giddy over that trailer...

UPDATE: From an official release on the band's Facebook:

"A feature length documentary film telling the story of blur is due for cinema release on January 19th. “No Distance Left to Run” is directed by 32 (Dylan Southern & Will Lovelace) and is a Pulse Films production.

Filmed throughout the band’s 2009 rehearsals and acclaimed summer tour, No Distance Left To Run finds all four members of blur together for the first time in nine years. With previously unseen archive material alongside new interviews and reportage, the film recounts the highs and lows of a very British band from the late 80’s to their headline return at Glastonbury and Hyde Park. The result is a musing on Englishness and identity and a portrait of friendship and resolution.

So the film is not just about the reunion, but about the band's entire career (which I hope doesn't just end here). But at least the title of the release says "NO DISTANCE LEFT TO RUN
OPENS IN CINEMAS WORLDWIDE IN JANUARY 19TH 2010" Which pretty much means I thankfully should be able to find it playing somewhere in America come January.

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