Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Work of Jared D. Weiss

Hey, sometimes we all have to do a little shameless self-promotion. And considering I do run VFH, and cater to all of you wonderful readers, I figured, hey.. why not?

I have just finished launching my new, art focused blog:

As one would assume, this new blog is a way to keep anyone interested in my artwork (and other projects I may or may not take part in), up to date with what ever it is I may be doing. All, in fully written out, image supported, proper form; as opposed to the Twitter I've been using in preparation for this.

It also means that my internet time will now be divided between my personal work and the work I do here at VFH. So if you're noticing a lack of content from myself, chances are it's because of this. But, of course, I can't speak for the other staff members...

Anyways, please, if you could, do me a favor and check out the site. There's still a few things I need to work out in the coming days, like graphic links, and an RSS feed, but as of right now the site is ready for reading!

Thank you all!

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