Saturday, October 17, 2009

This Week in FlashForward - 10/15/09

Sorry for the massive delay, we both had very busy schedules in the last 24 hours...

Episode 4 - "Black Swan"

Zach says:
This week steps a bit in the direction of drama, and away from the case at hand. It's been two weeks since the black out, and we learn of a new vision from this guy named Ned, which has about zero relevance to anything, aside from bringing about some philosophy which may be somewhat important. Demetri has a bit of a meltdown and is desperate for some answers to his future murder, and gets some possible clues from the woman they arrested in the first episode. However, we learn she is pretty much full of crap, but still get a reveal at the end of the episode that a known character probably IS involved in the black out.

So, while most of the episode deals with drama between a handful of characters, there are a few interesting parts to keep viewers guessing and anticipating next week.
Zach's Score: 7/10

JDW says: Because of the lateness of the review, I'll skip the secondary summary and cut to the chase. As Zach said, this episode feels like a slight departure from the mood of the previous three episodes. For one, the episode opens with a peculiar music-heavy opening, and then continues on with a comedic overtone, resulting in a man saying that in his flash forward, instead of being timid and scared, he was confident... and black. Pretty much the most unnecessary absurdity this show needed.

Despite the comedic overtone of this Ned character's story, not to mention Mark acting strangely comedic with his daughter, the rest of the episode has its fair share of drama as one would expect. It's not a bad episode, but the comedic approach seemed to come out of no where. If it stays in future episodes, then maybe I can accept it. But until then this was just a bit odd to watch.
JDW's Score: 7.5/10

Overall Score: 7.3/10

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