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This Week in FlashForward - 10/8/09

Here's the first of tonight's This Week In features!

Episode 3 - "
137 Sekunden"

JDW says:
You hate Nazis? Well has FlashForward got a treat for you this week! As it seems, a former Nazi and currently a prisoner for his crimes in Germany may have the answer as to why the black outs lasted 137 seconds (2 minutes 17 seconds). And it turns out the same man appeared in Mark's vision, and its now off to Germany to find out why. Let's just say you still won't like the Nazi. (Sorry for the super summary, I'm busy!)

This episode was pretty interesting, as it was more about revealing information instead of making more plot holes. And quite frankly, I much enjoy getting answers instead of having a lot of questions and waiting for the last episode to get answers, like on Lost. Once again, there's a strange cameo, this time from former madTV/SNL cast member Jeff Richards; which makes me wonder if these one-off cameo's are going to be a regular thing for the show. Otherwise, this episode's cliff-hanger makes the blackouts all the more interesting, and I can't wait to see where it goes!
JDW's Score: 8.5/10

Zach says:
This episode is a bit more focused, however it still waivers around three stories. The first is of the Demetri who is looking into the woman who called him about his murder. He doesn't find much out, but his fiancee's flash forward is interesting and leaves the possibilities open in the future. We are also shown this by the fact that Aaron Stark exhumed his daughter's remains, to find out that it was indeed her DNA, which means that she is supposedly dead. So are the flash forwards real or not? Can the future change? We definitely won't find out for a long time I suspect.

The main plot point however, was still on the case at hand, this time investigating a former Nazi and his black out. He didn't have too much information to offer unfortunately, but mentioned seeing a bunch of dead crows outside of his sell afterwards. This led to some research about crow populations and an interesting find in Somalia, where in 1991 some suspicious events occurred. Are these related to the current situation? Has it happened before?

The season is definitely ramping up with questions, and it is going at a decent pace thus far. We are only three episodes in and they are giving away info here and there without giving away everything. FlashForward will definitely hold my attention until its conclusion, and hopefully we'll actually get more answers by the finale, instead of having to wait another five seasons.
Zach's Score: 8/10

Overall Score: 8.3/10

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