Thursday, October 22, 2009

This Week in FlashForward - 10/22/09

Episode 5 - "Gimme Some Truth"

Zach says: This week, the plot progresses quite slowly again, like last episode. There are minor plot points here and there, but the main focus seems to be on developing the characters a bit and the drama. However, the episode gets you psyched at the beginning, as you see an interesting action scene, but then quickly showing a "39 hours earlier" dialogue to make you wait till the end of the episode to see what went down, which was quite interesting actually.

The main plot though, was to show a bit of Janis's life, and how she happens to be a lesbian, making her getting pregnant in the six month away flash-forward that much more interesting. There are also government hearings going on to see what different agencies believe should be done to solve this mystery, as well as root out any doubtful leads, like the FBI's. One specific lady has great doubts about the work the FBI team is doing and thinks funds should be cut, however, with a few cards up his sleeves, Standford gets some strings pulled.

Overall, the episode wasn't bad, but it wasn't quite as exciting as the first couple. There is more development going on now, both with characters and situations, but not so much with solving the mystery behind the flash forward. However, it would appear that next week's episode will have some more awesomeness, so stay tuned.
Zach's Score: 7/10

JDW Says: Like last week, I'm going to cut to the chase and not offer up another summary, because quite frankly, you don't need to read the same thing twice, and Zach's summary is more than enough. But I have to agree, the pace of this episode is much slower than say they information pack first and second episodes, as it seems that the show is starting to get a bit more comfortable with its characters. But that's not a terrible thing, as there's much more focus now, even if that focus isn't mystery solving.

In comparison, the episode is also a return to form after last week's awkwardly comedic tone. However, there was one, relatively violent scene, and yet it had the most unfitting song playing over it and I wasn't sure whether or not it was supposed to be funny or if it was so unfitting that it just was rediculous. But yeah, the trailer for next week's episode, looks quite promising.
JDW's Score: 7/10

Overall Score: 7/10

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