Thursday, October 29, 2009

I CRUSH YOU! With a Nintendo DSi LL

Yes, the rumors you may have heard elsewhere were true. Nintendo (of Japan at least) will be releasing yet another iteration of the Nintendo DS. This time however, things are a little different... instead of making a slimmer sleeker system, Nintendo decided to take the already slim and quite nice DSi model... and made it larger (yes, believe it or not) but adding 4 inch screens to the device, a pen-like stylus, and giving it a classy set of colors (Wine Red, Dark Brown, and Natural White).

As you can see from this helpful image I made for you (from material on the system's official website of course), the DSi LL really topples the DSi in sheer size, not to mention how much it outsizes the DS lite (whose screens are already smaller than the standard DSi).

I'm still not sure why this seems like a good idea though. Perhaps it's because I'm not an old person and I'm quite pleased with the size of my DSi, but I just don't see the practicality in 1) releasing another DS model so soon after the latest, and 2) releasing such a large system targeted a what I think is a niche market. Someone should tell Nintendo that people stopped liking massive portable systems when Game Gear failed. I seriously think this will go the way of the Game Boy Light and never hit US shores.

Visit Nintendo of Japan's Official Nintendo DSi LL website for more info

UPDATE! Looks like the system is, for whatever reason, actually coming to North America and Europe some time next year. However in both regions, the system will be called the Nintendo DSi XL; apparently LL is the Japanese equivalent of XL on say, t-shirt labels. This looks like one Nintendo handheld I'll actually refrain from buying.

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