Thursday, September 24, 2009

TGS 09: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Impressions

No, there's no way I'm at the Tokyo Game Show right now. But I can imagine, thanks to IGN posting the download for the show's Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker demo! I'm only a bit in so far, having already completed the tutorial section of the game and watching a cut-scene, but right now I'm stuck, because the language barrier is tremendous.

What can I say right now though? The graphics, are awesome, I've seen worse released on PS2 and Wii if that means anything. Control-wise, Kojima somehow managed to map Metal Gear Solid 4's DualShock 3 control scheme onto the PSP, ditching Portable Ops' controls entirely; it's not full DualShock controls of course, what with the lack of 2nd analog and L2/R2, but it's close enough damnit!

But yeah, the entire demo is in Japanese, from menus to voice acting, so I haven't the slighest clue as to the story or what on Earth I'm supposed to do now. The tutorial, which was reasonably understandable only helped control wise, but in terms of objective I'm lost.

On another note, some cut-scenes are full in-game CGI, while the big stuff is comic style in the vein of what Ashley Wood did for Portable Ops. Oddly enough, the style of these scenes look's like Wood's at first, but then there's a bit of Yoji Shinkawa's style in there, and quite frankly I don't know who's art it really is... it'd be nice to get an answer on that.

When I figure out what to do, I'll update you!

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