Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Slow Poison

Usually when I make music posts, it's for bands like Pearl Jam, Oasis, Green Day, or other bands with an arguably long music history, and sizable fanbase (though that's not always the case). In case with the next band, it's somewhere in the middle... I think. Regardless, I know I like The Bravery, and I'm sure someone else out there does; so I was more then glad to hear the band's first single from their third album, Slow Poison, set for release this November 10th.

The titular track, "Slow Poison" can now be heard on the band's MySpace Music page (if that link doesn't work try this one). Personally, I really like it, it's a nice combination of their sound from their eponymous 2005 album and 2007's The Sun and The Moon, more so leaning towards the former, thankfully. Now we'll just to hear how the rest of the album sounds come this November.

UPDATE [10/16/09]: Thanks a lot internet, looks like the album is actually called Stir The Blood

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Knife said...

You are not alone in enjoying The Bravery. I've seen them play live six times and I'm gonna see them in Santa Barbara on Saturday and next month in Austin.

Awesome band and I'm looking forward to the new album! Slow Poison sounds very cool.