Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Here's your Club Nintendo rewards for 2009

Earned over 300 or 600 coins on Club Nintendo this year? Or if you're like me, and decided to earn over 1300 instead? Expecting something really cool as your reward? Well, today the rewards were announced..

Yes, Platinum members can CHOOSE between either a downoadable Doc Louis's Punch-Out!! game, or a Mario hat (which was actually offered in Japan back in the day as a standard Club Nintendo item). Gold members have no choice, instead they get a calendar, just like Club Nintendo members in Japan do.

To say the least, I'm more than underwhelmed, but I don't think I have any use for a big plush Mario hat, so I think I'm just going to go for the Punch-Out!! download (which by the way, doesn't require you to have the new Punch-Out!! game). Though, it really just sounds like an exclusively designed demo... Let's hope next year is better, and I don't waste all my coins again. That or let's hope there's better everyday items available soon.

Club Nintendo members must redeem their rewards by August 11th, 2009!!

Rewards will be sent out by November 1, 2009; yes, even the download codes.

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