Wednesday, May 6, 2009

This Week in Lost - 5/6/09

This week marks the last episode before the finale of Lost's fifth season. One would think it's time to get things wrapped up, no? Let's see how it went...

Episode 15 - "Follow the Leader"

JDW says: With just one week left until next week's season finale, Lost certainly has a lot to say for this season still. Thankfully this episode starts right after last week, with poor Faraday being shot by his mother in the past, while Jack and Kate deal with the Others. But being a normal for this season, we're soon brought back to thirty years later, with Locke, Sun, and Ben catching up with Richard Alpert; and let's just say Richard knows something we don't. All the while our Dharma crew are losing their cover, the real Dharma folk are arguing amongst themselves, and our resident fugitive returns.

Usually the episodes before the season finales are the best, I say usually because I have mixed feelings on this one. The parts with Locke, Ben, and Richard, awesomely classic Lost right there, and I'm happy about that. But a return to Jack and Kate whining at each other? To be honest, I really just wish one of them would die already; more so Kate. Here's to hoping next week's finale answers a lot of questions, and makes the wait for season 6 feel worth it.
JDW's Score: 8/10

Zach says: Jack convinces Faraday's mother and Richard to take him to the bomb to try to stop the Oceanic flight from every crashing on the island. However, Kate doesn't see eye-to-eye with Jack, so there is some discontent within the group. During the present, John meets up with the Others and starts taking control of the situation, letting us in on some interesting goals of his, which we will have to wait to see if they come to fruition later on, hopefully in the season finale next week.

Overall, the episode was fairly entertaining, with an interesting revelation here and there, and creating even more questions. Can Jack and the gang reverse the events to come and will Locke take control of the island? Hopefully, we'll get most of these answers next week, but knowing the way Lost works, there will be a super cliff hanger and we'll have to wait until next season....grrr.
Zach's Score: 8.5/10

Overall Score: 8.3/10

Next week's finale is the length of two episodes, so you can be sure to see an extra long edition of This Week in Lost, akin to the season premiere. See you then!

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