Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ashley Wood and Newtoy bring World War Robot to iPhone and iPod touch

As you all probably know already, I'm a huge fan of Ashley Wood. What you may also know is that I'm the owner of an iPod touch and I'm painfully awaiting a game that not only has good gameplay, but a sense of style as well ... hopefully my wait will be over soon.

Ashley Wood has announced from his blog that his series, World War Robot, which currently only exists in a series of art books and figures, is currently in development as what seems to be a real-time strategy title for the iPhone and iPod touch (judging by the staff's previous work).

The studio bringing this game to life is Newtoy, a studio which was founded in 2008 by Paul and David Bettner, creators of the Age of Empires series and Halo Wars, with the intention of developing exclusively for iPhone and iPod touch.

While the game is only starting developement right now, I'm sure we can hear more about it soon. Until then be sure to check these links out:

Ashley Wood's blog
World War Robot's Official Game Website
and Newtoy's Official Website

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