Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Guitar Hero 5 brings new logo design

Call me not a fan of constantly released game titles, but sometimes even the subtle changes make me intrigued for better or worse. I mean, something must be going down at Activision when they not only decided to give the game a visual make-over from its previous incarnations, but to give the franchise logo a new look as well.

Subtle? Maybe. But I still noticed it right away when I was checking out RedOctane's press site. I'm just more curious as to why, whoever the powers may be, have decided to make such a change now? Especially with the franchise's key look is already defined for this generation, a mid-moment re-branding seems unnecessary. Perhaps we'll be able to tell once artwork and more show up for the announced Band Hero and DJ Hero titles (by the way, did we need those?).

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