Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Office comes to Adult Swim

I'm not sure where on Earth I was yesterday when this was announced, but I may as well say it late than never! Cartoon Network's late night block, and VFH favorite, Adult Swim, has acquired the US broadcast rights to the BBC's hit show, The Office, starring Rick Gervais.

Yes, that's the same Office that was the basis for the hit show currently running on NBC. Which, in a sense, makes this a huge acquisition for the block. Sure, it may just be 12 episodes and a Christmas special, but because of that NBC remake, the UK version has gained somewhat of a cult following, and finally having a way to see it on US television may bring in some big numbers for the network.

And you can stop whining about more live action on Cartoon Network right now. First off, Adult Swim is considered a separate network, and there's no "cartoon" in its title, so it's fair game in my opinion. Second, at least the live action programming on Adult Swim is good. How can you deny the airing of such shows as Look Around You, Garth Marenghi's Darkplace, and The Mighty Boosh? (Not to mention Tim & Eric, if you can learn to accept its humor)

The Office will air on Adult Swim this Summer!

via IGN

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Paul A Telling said...

I love 'The Mighty Boosh!" and my favourite character is "OLD GREGG". The show is so psychedelic, warped and funny very good for those lazy days in front of the television!

I have some Mighty Boosh inspired Tee's!