Sunday, April 5, 2009

Club Nintendo DSi Bonus

Not sure why Nintendo can't do this for those of us who have registered Gamecube, Game Boy Advance, Game By Advance SP, Game Boy micro, DS, DS Lite, and Wii .... but none the less this tiny text message is on Club Nintendo now:

"NEW: Earn 160 Coins today by registering your newly purchased Nintendo DSi! To earn these Coins you must complete all three of the following steps: (1) register your serial number, (2) complete a quick survey and (3) link your Nintendo DSi to your DSi Shop account (wireless broadband internet connection required). Enter your Nintendo DSi serial number below and we'll walk you through the process."

Also, DSiWare will credit you with 10 Coins (just like WiiWare, Virtual Console, and Wii Channel titles). Sounds good to me, but as I said, not sure why we can't get credited for our other registered systems.

Anyone pick up the system yet? Tell us what you think while we await the arrival of ours.

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